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Date of Birth : 1994-11-16

Nationality : Taiwan
Website :


\\Artist Introduction

  We are all wanders on they planet, constantly searching for our dreams and ambitions. I want to dedicate myself in expressing my passion and love through art to this society.



To observe the social reality around us is to absorb and filter it,

to separate what's real and what's superficial, 

to see people talk about beings, 

and let oneself become a dream.

Sea Wave

Carry ambitions higher than mountains, even when the cruel reality overwhelms us, we must not falter and stand firm.

Pretending to be deaf

Often times people pretend not to see,

or not to hear what others say,

and are too lazy to speak out.

As time passes, those around you start to ignore you.

They don't want to hear your opinion and pay no attention to what you have to say.

Any important conversation that once was ceases to exist.