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Date of Birth : 2014/12
Nationality : 台灣
Website :


\\Brand Introduction

"Walk down the runway proudly" 

Is a motto I live and work by.


Every time I watch someone walk down a fashion runway in designer clothing, 

every time I see resounded brand names come up with outlandish designs;

I tell myself that only clothing that can be worn on a daily basis can be considered as real clothing.

"I have always believed in; "easy on the eyes and easy on the body",

which is why I strive to design clothing that will let its wearer be comfortable and stand out at the same time."


the Baptist

25:01 x NOELC


I had been given the privilege of working with the trending brand NOELC during the recent season, for the upcoming summer season with have decided to expand our line, and to join artist from abroad such as Bii. MP magic power and other trending boutique designers clothing like NOELC are brands that you absolutely can not miss.

The crossover "the Baptist" is limited to Taiwan with 100 pieces only!

Sign of the Capricorn

It's an emblem representing modern day art societies and certain ancient roman fraternities.