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Cheese Milk

Date of Birth : 1991-08-14
Nationality : Taiwan
Website :



\\Artist Introduction

Small passion, big patience.

\\Future Goals

Cheese Milk hopes to design and create more graphic clothing for 25:01, and random artworks to share such as postcards.


\\Words of advice for future applicants

25:01 is a very free environment, all the original ideas can be deeply attached to every piece of clothing and has everyone's soul in them. 25:01 will hold up your hearts and let your designs run wild.


Dream Factory of the Brain

Dreams are always the most honest because in dreams we create with our mind

Every day as we walk and sweat and with every beat of our hearts we create 

I am most afraid of meeting rivals in my dreams as I walk around

To prepare for the change of heart is also followed by the swing I also desire the most

My efforts to find every layer of my mind and to connect my imagination from point to point and to fill the drawers at work

To shine a light onto the dark nightmares and-and let my imagination become part of my reality



Yes, I am a robot.

But recently my right chest bloomed a flower and I started dazing out of the window all the time.

"You are in love"

Even a robot can learn to love.

I think so.