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Date of Birth : 1984/07/24
Nationality : Taiwan
Website :


\\Artist's Introduction

After having worked in various fields I feel that only through art can I truly feel a sense of accomplishment and comfort. Maybe it's because I have keen and enthusiatic sense for painting and art, and at the same time because I am a graduate from the Taiwan School for Arts and am currently still studying illustrations.


\\Future Goals

I hope to gain more experience from working and more about the arts.


\\Advice for future applicants

Every piece of art work is a reflection of yourself. What you show others will be what others see about you!



Dream Resort Planet


Dream Resort Planet, is a man made celetial body. It has no certain course and wanders the solar system. Travelers and wanderers in space are welcome to stay on the planet and to follow along on its adventures. 

  However, once you check out you cannot return. Running into this planet and being given the opportunity of staying on it is a once in a life time chane. Which why visitors are considered to be blessed with luck and treasure their stay on this planet greatly. Dream Resort Planet has no limit on how long visitors stay. One may stay on the planet until one wishes to leave. In many cases, visitors will travel with the planet until they find the direction of path they had been seeking.

When visitors chose to leave Dream Resort Hotel it is often said to been end to one of the stories in ones life, but at the same time it signifies the start to a new beginning and a new chapter in a person's life.