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Nationality : Taiwan
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Designer and Illustrationist 

In recent years I have been working within the regions of Hong Kong and Macau. I have been given the opportunity of designing and creating the designs for many accessories and clothing for many brands in Hong kong and Macau.


In 2015 I established a private work studio, and have register trademarked my personal T-shirt brand and as a designer. Recently I have held functions promoting my designs alongside with Burberry in over 60 branch stores throughout Hong Kong and Macau.

In 2016 I have organized an online event with the Taiwan based company, Wind Salon. The event, #haveaniceday, was advertised through online social media and is aimed to spread positive energy for young people. As of now we have over 3000 active members.



#haveaniceday X 25:01

"Have a nice day”
Was started by Boykris as online post. Its purpose was to show everyone that no matter what happens in our daily lives, we would still be able to find some color in all the grey through the simplicity of a picture. It was not easy, but with the dedication, hard work, imagination, creativity, and a lot of enthusiasm, we were able to spread the concept to a lot of people that despite everything you are sure to find a sense of positivity in life. And if you share that with others it can help others lives be brighter too.