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Borry Su

Date of Birth : 1990-01-19
Nationality : 台灣
Website :


\\Director's Introduction

A film is like a rock, whether it's small or big; if you toss it into a lake it will cause reactions and feelings in others. The effects are like the ripples; they may be fleeting or long lasting, they may cause a bang or a silent whisper. No matter how, it will have an effect on the surface and the depth of the lake.


I hope to be able to work with different genres and themed movies so that I can assemble a variety of works of my own.

Aside from movies made from work, I hope to record and film other types of productions as well. Being able to retell stories, memories and experiences and to incorporate music and maybe even dance into them. I wish to be able to project everything thats in my mind into something I can show and share with everyone.

I aim to be able to work and gain experience in all fields at Kerway Industries.To be able to learn from all the talented people and resources there, and gain firsthand experience from the marketing, advertising, broadcasting, productions, music and other departments there. 

\\Advice for future applicants

It's a place for people with talent and creativity to spread their wings and to explore. Remember to give it your all and don't hold yourself back in anyway!