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Date of Birth : 
Nationality : Taiwan
Website :

\\Artist's Introduction

I originate from YiLan and have always been passionate and in love with painting. I never experienced any proper or professional training in art. My skills and style are all self taught and through experience. During my years at school I majored in Japanese and minored in design. I consider myself in individualist, and do not enjoy following the pace of society. I am currently working from my private studio on creating and designing my own personal projects.

\\Advice for future applicants

Do not be afraid of being different, 
Collect different feelings,
Always keep your passion and heart,

And never give up.



Do not forget, try not to forget, and always remember

"What has once happened can never be forgotten, only temporary hidden in your memories."

If you have ever experienced one of these feelings; an honest friendship, a trusting relationship, a loving partnership, a giving companionship, or a supporting and encouraging spirit that helps you be brave enough to go after your dreams, then always, always remember it. Always treasure and remember that feeling that inspired you---love comes in many forms, and it will always be with you.